Automotive (Radiator And Air Conditioner)

Precision Parts for Automotive Plastic Components

At Plastolin Polymers, we apply our state of the art technology, strict quality controls and tremendous attention to detail to every automotive component we produce:

  • Our facilities are equipped with the up to date tools and technologies to respond quickly to our customers‘ need for automotive plastic components.
  • Our plastic injection molding plant is equipped to run 24 hours a day,6 days a week to ensure on time delivery injected plastic parts.
  • We are a one-stop solution center, with ability to handle processes relate from components design to production to assembly of final product.

We Understand the Automotive Plastic Industry

Plastolin Polymers keep on learning. We keep ourselves up to date on innovations in the industries that we serve and adapt and improve our processes to meet the needs of our clients.

  • To increase thefuel efficiency, market has a demand to reduce the weight of vehicles.

  • Lighter automotive plasticcomponents have become necessary in automotive industry to lower the weight of cars and trucks.

  • The use of automotive plastic components has brought other benefitsto car manufacturers.

    • Plastics offer production versatilityand increased life span over steel which is susceptible to corrosion.

  • Automotive plastic components are so adaptablethat they are being used almost everywhere in a vehicle..

As the automotive industry finds new uses for plastics, Plastolin finds itself on the leading edge of automotive plastic components manufacturing, developing unique processes that use our injection molding technology to produce high-quality products