Industrial/ Consumer Products

Industrial/ Consumer Products

Having worked on a wide variety of household/ industrial projects with bracket, casing, pouring, dosing, spraying and similar applications, Plastolin Polymers has broad experience and extensive knowledge to provide innovative solutions.

The industrial and consumer segment is defined by a wide selection of injection molded products for many markets and a variety of requirements; all within the framework of today’s world of aggressive delivery and cost expectations.

Plastolin Polymers is a “one-stop solution center” for your injection molded plastic parts; with every step towards the product development, industrial/ consumer customers receive the proactive assistance that can be critical in developing a successful product.

Plastolin has a dedicated team of consultative design, engineering, tooling, quality, manufacturing professionals that take a comprehensive approach to ensure complete satisfaction of a customer’s individual requirements.

Industrial / Consumer Plastic Parts for Many Markets

Industrial / Consumer Plastic Parts for Many Markets.

  • Pharmaceutical
    • Hand Wash Disinfectant Casing
  • Appliances
    • Housings
    • Front Panels
    • Clear Trays
    • Dials
    • Functional Components
  • Food Handling Equipment
    • Racks
    • Shelves
    • Food Storage Devices
  • Industrial Tools
    • Housings
    • Brackets
    • Over Molded Tool Grips
  • Office Accessories
    • Ink box
    • Organizers
    • Storage Components